“Gare Mat K always brings unique deep tech beats through his swirling and hypnotic mixes. With fresh tunes from the creative and stylish Progrezo, as well as complimentary tracks from the depths of the underground, Gare Mat K gives listeners something outstanding every time.” Lauren Krieger (FRISKYNews)

Some of his music productions have been featured in large global dance music compilations alongside Alex Bau, Mathias Kaden, Sophie, Tommy DeClerque, Lutzenkirchen, Trence Dixon, System of Survival, Miro Pajic, Pangaea, Hermanez, Kruse & Nurenberg, Martin Eyerer, Oliver Klein, Martinez, Stefano Noferini, Rainer Weichhold, Lützenkirchen, Alex D'elia and Phunk Investigation to name a few.

5. Who did the major influence on your selections in a past year? (Mixmag-Adria)

Because of working within the electronic music industry, I do prefer focus myself in labels searching, what are they propopsing and how artworks coexist with the music, of course, following some producer names that know will surprise me with new stuff every time. Labels that did major influence on me were Dekmantel, Afterlife, Dystopian, Innervisions, Klockworks, Osgut-ton, Soma, Progrezo.. and producer styles the likes of Helena Hauff, Roman Fluegel, Tale of Us, Patrice Baumel, Ben Klock, Etapp Kyle... For me when selecting a track it must sound natural, free but solid and innovative. It has to makes echo inside of me immediately..

Gare Mat K Beatport Page
D:sorder Buenos Aires mixed by Gare Mat K
"Progrezo Records produces a clear vision of forward thinking electronic music through art and sound." - Lauren Kriger (friskyNEWS)

In the overpopulated world of underground electronic record labels, Progrezo Records stands out with their selective choices of releases, combined with artwork that perfectly captures the essence of their style. With an aura of mysticism blended with eclectic sounds that cover a range of genres, Progrezo Records finds success by staying true to their core throughout every process. Established in 2007, they have a solid catalog of releases on vinyl, CD, and digital, featuring notable artists that include UNKLE, Alex Dolby, Anthony Pappa, and Pole Folder, as well as standout up & comers such as Gare Mat K, Daniel Mehes, Ievgeniy Kozlov, Allan Mille, and many more. Their Progrezo Sounds show on FRISKY has been airing since 2008, and features the same commitment to quality, creativity, and spirit as the rest of their efforts, with distinctive guest mixes and solid representation from Gare Mat K.

I caught up with Gare Mat K, Honcho's label of Progrezo Records, who gives us some great insight into the world and work behind the label.

What inspired the beginning of Progrezo Records?

The beginning of Progrezo Records was a conception since early days at school, having discovered a wide range of music from Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode to Front 242, Nitzzer Ebb, Orbital, Chemical Brothers and Underworld to name a few, feeling immediately involved to it and the necessity to support – show out – all that we wanted to express.

Initially Progrezo was thought as an underground party concept supporting local talents in the natal Bogota, headed in a one-night abandoned house, that means the use of “z” instead of “s” or double “zz” that represents along with the “o” a vinyl over turntable. Logo and brand name started as Progrezo Musik, but unfortunately here in Buenos Aires we haven’t a photo or sticker to show it. (Hahaha)

How would you describe Progrezo Records? What sets you apart?

I would describe Progrezo as a forward-thinking family of talented producers and artists around the world, who propose avant-garde music stuff supported by strong visual designs with a clear message far from a popular or massive concept as you can hear on every new release, radio show and label showcase. The things that sets us apart are without doubt our own music style and visual concept. It is the pinnacle and foundation of everything we do, from releases and artworks to life-style.

What are the different roles you each contribute to the label?

The different roles each of us contribute to the label are A&R for label releases and new talents, Art Dept. for Visual Concept and Artworks, Press and Booking management for press info and booking artists – label showcases, Marketing and Promotion Dept. for everything related to upcoming releases/released and Accounting for sales.

What are the greatest challenges you think record labels are currently facing?

The greatest challenges record labels are facing nowadays are to show out quality music in a solid format, of course it depends the kind of record label we are taking about, because there are two quite different sides of the coin. In one side the Underground world that every day becomes more solid and characteristic, and in the other side the Overground or mainstream that are the ones who in some point will take off the train, but not all for sure.
Gare Mat K 2hrs from Belgrade
Gare Mat K 2hrs set from Berlin
Gare Mat K 2hrs set from Cologne


Gare Mat K Kit Kat Club Berlin
Horre Mirror
Under the belt Gare Mat K has some massive productions which have made echo in the music industry featured already by record labels the likes of ZYX, Baroque, Frequenza, 19 Box, Hypnotzd Musik, Red Light District and his own imprint Progrezo Records to name a few.
Berlin established DJ and producer Gare Mat K has been working in the world of electronic music movement since over a decade, with some well known record labels and his own imprint Progrezo Records, having published quality releases by UNKLE, Phunk Investigation, Alex Dolby, Jeff Bennett, Anthony Pappa, Nick Olivetti, Italoboyz and Home Video, frequently reaching top100 best minimal, electronica and melodic-techno charts.
In performance terms, Gare has never been that typical artist, although is considered by the specialist media and industry makers as one of the melodic-techno genre’s tastemakers with Progrezo Records, who sculpts evolving atmospheres and solid techno rhythms aimed straight to the dance-floor, as his 3-hour DJ-set in Gegen party at Kit Kat and Rosi’s in Berlin prove.